Legal Definition of Click 365

  • (1) Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc. (“TFX”) was established in April 1989 as “Financial Futures Exchange” under the Financial Futures Trading Law (“FFTL”) enforced in the same year.
  • (2) The FFTL regulated financial futures transactions on currency or interest rate etc. Exchange traded transactions under the FFTL were treated as listed futures transactions (“Exchange-Traded Financial Futures Transactions”).
  • (3) In July 2005, TFX launched FX Daily Futures (“Click 365”) which fell into the then category of Exchange-Traded Financial Futures Transactions defined by the FFTL.
  • (4) In September 2007, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (“FIEA”) was enforced to integrate the FFTL into the Securities and Exchange Law (“SEL”) which used to regulate securities futures transactions. In the FIEA, as a broader concept, the term of “Derivatives Transactions” was established to unite the two terms, “Financial Futures Transactions” under the FFTL and “Securities Futures Transactions” under the SEL, and exchange traded derivatives transactions were defined as “Market Transaction of Derivatives”.